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Going Green?

Living and working green means using environmentally friendly products
and engaging in practices with low environmental impacts.

Quick Service Distributors stocks nearly 2,500 environmentally friendly items
including office products, janitorial, paper products, cleaning supplies & electronics.

Solaris Paper, Inc. is the North American Sales and Marketing group for the LIVI™ brand and private label products which include various towel, tissue and napkin items.

All LIVI™ and private label tissue products are manufactured using virgin fiber which ensures the highest quality performance — softness, strength and a bright white and hygienic appearance.


Keeping Up With Industry and City Regulations
Requires New Products and Practices

The emergence of recent health and safety standards has greatly impacted today’s cleaning procedures. Since restrooms are among the areas of a building most at risk for contamination, they require increased attention. Challenged to select the right products for restroom cleaning while staying environmentally-conscious, companies are now purchasing more “green” or environmentally-safe supplies.

You may be surprised that many of these new or improved products meet green cleaning standards plus regulations and yet – still achieve peak restroom cleaning performance.

Quick Service Distributors offers Solaris Paper products, Core chemicals, the Miele product line of efficient home appliances, and more.

Let Quick Service Distributors help you decide the right products for you and your business.

Green Seal is an independent, non-profit organization that uses science-based standards and the power of the marketplace to create a more sustainable world. Learn more…